At its simplest interpretation, The Boulevardier is a collection of digital platforms dedicated to providing content that advances the cultural landscape and edifies the modern young man.

DEFINITION: "A fashionable, socially active, and culturally sophisticated man; A man about town"

ORIGIN: 1875-80; French

The Boulevardier is dedicated to providing novel and engaging content to the modern young man, through the exploration of politics, society, business, women, style, culture, men, and lifestyle. We're able to bring an international perspective due to our creative team of writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, curators, and editors from across the world. By providing platforms that speak to an audience expecting intelligent and thought-provoking content, we believe we are fulfilling the oft-neglected duty of the media to provide the public with a level of discourse that will consistently challenge and edify their minds.

One could say that we're trying to make quality cool again.


With digital issues released on the first Monday of each month, and a limited edition print issue each year, the magazine serves as the flagship of The Boulevardier. Combining the latest technologies with beautifully designed layouts, we are pushing the boundaries of visual interaction while re-establishing the strong editorial content that is lacking in modern publications.


The Boulevardier Daily is a selection of curated content that provides a regular stream and an environment for discussions on all things relevant to a boulevardier's life. The content consists of:

links to interesting and enlightening articles from around the web.

ones that are clever, visually-appealing, informative, and just plain cool.

the go-to place for answers to the questions that keep you up at night - submit your questions and get a response post-haste.

providing you with a multitude of interesting pictures and photos from the best sources.

a series of pithy audio-articles from The Boulevardier's editorial team, as well as guest contributors.

Effortless. Fearless. Timeless. The Boulevardier.


July 2014

Issue of
The Boulevardier Magazine

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This Issue Includes:
  • "Contemporary culture is rife with new extremes in art. With more elaborate genres and subcultures than ever before, the youth of this generation are able to find new channels and identities through music. It is identity and emotion that they divine from these artists but one could question the healthiness of this situation."

    Art For Public's Sake - Part 2
    John Tait

  • "Despite the efficacy of the Greenwaldian perspective that “terrorism” is currently a meaningless label used to enforce a particular ideological perspective, it is still a word that is worth redeeming, but in a broader, more systemic application. It needs to be understood as “political” – motivated by ideology to shape the world to that view – violence in a “post-political” world."

    Reclaiming Terrorism
    Andy Fitzgerald

  • "Along with containing a rising China and meeting goals of a 21st century Asia-Pacific, the pivot was meant to be a way in which the U.S. can refocus its foreign policy away from the two wars ending in Iraq and Afghanistan, and change the long held assumption that U.S. foreign policy focused primarily on the Middle East...Unfortunately many onlookers and stakeholders in Asia feel that the American pivot to Asia did not accomplish that."

    The Pivot That Never Came
    Stephen Stapczynski




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